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    Mersey Grow Hydroponics Opening Hours – Open 24hrs

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    Where About In Liverpool Is Mersey Grow Hydroponics?

    We are an online website working from home in Liverpool with Covid-19 restrictions in place.

    You can place orders via our website and have items dispatched for next day delivery depending on the time of day you place your order.

    Our discreet, same-day/hour delivery service starting at £10 is an option as we try to adapt to changes in how we can best engage with our local customers who would like to remain discreet or can not make it to the shop for click and collect. Call us today to arrange a delivery no matter how big or small your order is.

    Mersey Grow Hydroponics FAQ

    Does Mersey Grow Hydroponics sell indoor grow tents?

    Yes, we supply Indoor Grow Tents for Hydroponics. We have Indoor Tent Kits, Grow Tents, Loft Tents, and accessories.

    Does Mersey Grow Hydroponics have lights for indoor hydroponics?

    Mersey Grow Hydroponics supplies a wide selection of indoor grow lights for hydroponics. We have the latest LED, CFL, and HPS lights for your indoor growing needs. We also also stock ballasts and reflectors.

    Does Mersey Grow Hydroponics have Fans and Filters for indoor hydroponics?

    Yes, we supply the latest hydroponics equipment including fans and filters. Carbon filters are a favourite for growers and we the most popular all sizes in stock at all times. We also have fan and filter kits which save money.

    Does Mersey Grow Hydroponics list general hydroponics Equipment?

    Yes, Mersey Grow Hydroponics have all you need for your indoor growing projects. We supply trays, pots, leaf trimmers, propagation tools, digital timers for hydroponics grow rooms.

    Mersey Grow Hydroponics
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